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Interview on 'Startup F***Ups'

Honest chat with Samuel Villegas about my startup journey with & TuneRelease.

Interview with Sam Hardiman

Great chat with music focused radio station Quarantine FM aimed at helping young founders and musicians get started.

Interview on the 'What It's Like... with Luce' Podcast

Brilliant conversation with entrepreneur focused podcast 'What It's Like... With Luce' aimed at helping students and other entrepreneurs accomplish their goals.

Interview with 'Monks In The Trunk'

Fun episode on the 'Monks In The Trunk' podcast aimed at providing some insights into the early stages of your startup journey and delving into some of the latest current affairs.


Braver Together: Luke Rynne Cullen - Huckletree

"I realised that as a first time founder and as someone who does not come from means, I was weak in both experience and network."

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100 Hot Start-Ups - Sunday Business Post

Applaud is digitising bookings in the live music industry and has been listed by the Sunday Business Post as one of Ireland's '100 Hot Start-Ups' in 2019.

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Startup Scout -

Applaud wants to make gig bookings for musicians flow much easierIn our weekly Startup Scout series, Fora picks out promising companies that are emerging from Ireland.

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Irish startup Applaud -

Applaud wants to streamline gig bookings for musicians.

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